We were very pleased to make some prints for the artist Richard Long. Printed on Somerset Velvet using Gill Sans wood type.

The beautiful book printed over 18 months in our print shop is now available. It is a 64 page 400x300mm book printed on Fenner Colorset Natural. They include illustrations from our favourite lino cut illustrators and each page is printed from the lino and hand set in founders Caslon.

There will only be 150 copies printed and they can be bought at £150 a copy here.

We printed a fine set of dinner invites and ephemera for Bloom pr, the dinner was part of the Lemon Tree Trust garden. The Lemon Tree Trust help build new gardens for people affected by war. The two colour work was printed on Bockingford water colour board and included illustrations by Jane Hyslop.

We printed a sleeve for the new record by our friend, Luke Sital-Singh. We’re sad that he and Hannah (who cut the lino) have moved to LA and we miss them both a lot. The record is ace and can be bought here.

We’ve reprinted to map bit of the Old City leaflets onto 56x38cm sheets of 250gsm Somerset Velvet, and used a lovely bright orange and a dark blue ink. The caption is in expanded Egyption founders type. We think that they look pretty nice and they can be bought in the shop.

Our Christmas cards are directly inspired by an Oxfam bookshop purchase; a 1952 Norwegian knitting pattern book. I realised that the grids of the patterns could be translated into the typographic grids used by the decorative borders of our letterpress type. This is the result.

I’ve worked with David and Clare Hieatt for ten years, each time we try and produce something of wit, wisdom and quality. The third edition of the Hiut Denim yearbook is produced with a mix of letterpress and waterless litho print. The letterpress element was printed  by us and also by Pat Randle of Nomad Press at Whittington. Much of the text for the 16 page sections printed letterpress were also set in lead on a Monotype caster (also at the Whittington Press). It contains illustrations by Hannah Cousins, Bjorn Rune Lie, Olaf Ladousse, Joby Barnard  and photography by Andrew Paynter and Marcus Ginns.

Let the Good Times Roll: Joss and Beck came into the printshop and we helped them print their wedding invite poster which involved a day of typesetting and a day of printing, the final print was printed in two runs in an edition of 120. Joss (a musician) brought his own records in on day two after a day of listening to ours(!).If you would like to print something similar and work with us to produce it,  email us at

Universal suffrage timeline: Alongside Luke Carters’ Queen Square Riot print (see shop), we printed this little folding guide to universal suffrage (the Queens Square riots in Bristol were connected to the fight for getting the vote for working people). The type is hand-set in 7d/8pt Univers bold condensed and regular.

Another concertina fold leaflet, this is a newsletter for Hiut Denim printed on Cyclus recycled paper on the Heidelberg 10×15″ windmill press, the folds are microperfs also punched on the Heidelberg. The lovely little images are by Eleanor Glover, a fellow Centrespace artist, and they were cut from WH Smith rubbers.

This 60x40cm poster is handset in lead type and printed for our friends at Caught by the River. The illustration is recycled from Phil Kings album cover and is cut in lino by Hannah Cousins, another Centrespace artist. It is printed on the FAG Swissproof 4o press.

These little luggage labels are using wood blocks from the prof’s collection, a collection of wood engravings from a Victorian iron mongers catalogue.

A commissioned A3 poster for the lovely Craftivist folk who are doing positive and important work with wool and cotton. The large M is from our set of very large 50 line wood type.

Somewhere between A5 and A4, this little card was propped up on tables at a wedding and is the wedding feast menu, it features Plantin hand set type with a couple of lovely little lino cuts from Hannah Cousins. The background type is 16 line Fractur wood type.

One of the best things about Bristol at the moment is Friendly Records (run by Tom Friend) and one of the things we loved about being at Port Eliot festival last year was being in a tent with Pete Fowler. So it was very nice that these two things combine for these little cards for Tom using Pete’s drawing.

We made this 60x40cm poster for the fund raising auction last April. It was to raise funds for a mural to celebrate the life of DJ Derek. It is based on Derek’s love of a fancy waistcoat (normally from scouring locals Oxfam shops). Ellen cut the little waistcoat linos and the decorative bits are border type from our collection. The type is 30pt Univers bold, we printed a bunch and still have a couple if you’re interested.

This is the book we made to record the journey that I made (with Robin Mather) by bicycle from Bristol to Mainz, the birthplace of printing with moveable type. The printing bike is a very special bike (made by Robin) to carry a printing press on the back and all the kit needed to print on the front (mad I know, but perfectly achievable and quite a lot of fun to boot). The book records the 850 mile journey and the punctuated stops to print and mail 70 postcards. A few books are still available if you are interested.

Sonnet 137 printed in the print shop for the Bodleian Library, part of a project inviting print makers around the world to each print one of Shakespeare’s sonnets. This one is a bit racy we thought so perfect for setting in 30pt Madonna Ronde.

Skull: a print on Gmund cotton 270gsm is from a two colour illustration by Jon McNaught. We are looking forward to being at Port Eliot again in 2017 with Jon and hope that we can print more of his brilliant work this year. Prints are available (see Shop).