Bringing slumbering presses back to life to engage with artists, writers and community projects in Bristol. The Letterpress Collective teaches both type composition and printing skills alongside producing beautiful letterpress print work as commissions or for their own projects. The Letterpress Collective was founded by Nick Hand as a printshop for The Department of Small Works.

The Letterpress Collective has gathered together beautiful wood and lead type as well as a collection of amazing printing presses including a lovely Heidelberg Windmill Platen (winched out of the store MShed by dockside crane), a Stephenson Blake proofing press and a set of nice little Adana hand presses.

Silently, and without anyone really noticing, the last commercial letterpress printer shut its doors in Bristol in 2012 after maybe 600 years of continuous work in the city. This is our chance to learn from the last of the printers and compositors in the city so that a new generation can understand and learn the thrill of working a small press and seeing your creation in ink on paper.

You can book workshops and buy many of our own prints and publications through The Department of Small Works’ online shop.


Five week setting