Bristol’s first festival of print

Some great letterpress print was on display at the Centrespace gallery in the Old City in May.

The first week was a celebration of Matrix 32, the amazing annual of fine letterpress print, illustration and writing put together each year for the past 32 years by John Randle at the Whittington Press near Cheltenham.

A massive thank you to John and Pat Randle at Whittington Press for the outstanding body of work they presented at the Matrix 32 exhibition. We received many enthusiastic and encouraging comments from printers and fellow enthusiasts. Although there was one disgruntled visiter who was disappointed not to see posters of Neo from the Matrix trilogy.

We would also like that thank everyone who contributed the Politics of Print exhibition during the second week. We were overwhelmed by the amount of talented printers from around the world who contributed to the show using the power of ink, paper and word to promote positive change.

A special part of the week was a mini-residency in the printshop from anarchist printers La Fin Du Monde. They came to Bristol from their home near Paris to produce an amazing wall collage of experimental print work, combining both theirs and Dennis Gould’s prints to create a mashup of ‘stick it to the man’ art work which was both visual delight and testimony to the power of word and print. They left after decorating a bit of ‘the Lane’ with work from the week. Their output in the printshop has been much admired. It was a bit sad and quiet after our friends from both the UK and France had left, but we are left with much inspiration and ambition.

Thank you to our sponsors at Taxi Studio and Proctor and Stephenson. Their generous contributions enabled the festival to take place.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who came along and supported the event. We are already thinking about what we might do next year.


Festival of Print collage