Festival of Apathy: May 2016

Following a lengthy session in the Christmas Steps pub late one winter’s evening. Stanley Donwood came up with the brilliant solution to the problem of Bristol’s ever increasing number of uplifting festivals ‘The Festival of Apathy’ with the idea that if you couldn’t be bothered to turn up at a particular event it was to be seen as a success. With that kind of thinking what could go wrong.

The festival with little effort went surprisingly well and included brilliant apathetic performances from BEAK, Three Cane Whale, Chrononautz and poet Rick Holland, a heart-felt debate about the EU referendum with Gruff Rhys & John Harris. A debate about the housing crisis with Dawn Foster, Owen Hatherley and Emma Jackson. Finishing off with a hilarious evening with the fine Ladybird book authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris. We even had our own film premiere of Stanley Donwood and Mat Consume’s brilliant Broadmead the movie with accompanying book (available in the shop). As apathy goes it was possibly the finest festival ever. Not forgetting the exhibition and the morning of printing (at Harts Bakery) and the support of our friends at Taxi Studio.