The Printing Bike on the road again

Three years ago, I made the pilgrimage from Bristol to Mainz (where Gutenberg developed printing with moveable type) on the Printing Bike. Though the Printing Bike hasn’t exactly been in the shed since, I felt like it needed a proper challenge once more.

In early May I will set off from Land’s End and will wind my way up the spine of Britain to John O’Groats seeking out the makers in towns known for making one particular thing. In celebration of each craft and town, I will print a set of cards on the Adana 8×5″ press mounted on the back of the bicycle.

Hopefully the project will be funded by crowdfunding. I will be printing postcards illustrated by our favourite artists along the journey. In the autumn, these illustrations will be brought together with conversations with each craftsperson in a limited edition, large scale book printed at the Letterpress Collective. We will also be publishing a small book as a sequel to Conversations on the Coast; the book we created after my 2009 cycle ride around the coast of the British Isles. The project is inspired by the craftspeople I have met in the past and my ambition to celebrate the crafts, like letterpress printing, that are such an important part of this little country.

If you would like a set of cards posted to you from the Printing Bike or would like to order a book, please support the project on Kickstarter here